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A Follow Can Be Hollow

"I finally reached 10,000 followers on my LinkedIn account... YESSSSS! I am certain that I will see an increase in sales now," I thought to myself when I first noticed that I reached that number of followers on one of my social media accounts.

I soon realized that sometimes "A follow can be hollow". You are probably thinking to yourself, "What do you mean by that?"

Let me explain. The definition of the word hollow is "having a hole or empty space inside". Something that is hollow is typically very light i.e. having no real weight to it. Thus, a person may follow you on social media for various different reasons, but just because they are following you does not mean that they are supporting you yet. They could be following you for reasons such as: * to glean from you * to be encouraged by you * to determine if they want to financially support you * to be entertained by you * sheer obedience to someone they trust * or various other reasons In order to have more people purchase your books, you have to genuinely nurture the relationships that you could develop with those who decided that the information you share is worthy enough to follow you. As an introvert, I completely understand the difficulty that may develop from you choosing to be more "social" on social media and in your everyday life.

Choose one small step that you will take to develop genuine connections with those who follow you and build your email list. Post that step in the comment section below. Remember nothing is too difficult for you when God is on your side. Go in power!

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