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Bubble Gum

Do you remember the pink-colored, hard bubble gum that you received in your bags during a Trunk or Treat event when you were a kid? I remember being excited to open the yellow and pink colored wrapper. I'd grab the pink piece of bubble gum and promptly placed it in my mouth, as if Swiper from Dora the Explorer were attempting to confiscate it from me. After several chews, the gum lost its flavor. Suddenly, I was searching for a trash can like a miner searches for gold. Just like these types of treats start out great; however quickly become undesirable, some books grab your attention, but midway through it, you find yourself struggling to continue to read it. To avoid this happening when people are reading your story, write it as if you were running a marathon; not a track meet. Be sure to spread key gems from your story throughout your book. By writing with these things in mind, you will set yourself up to publish a book that your readers can't put down.

Let's discuss this in more detail. Visit to schedule a free consultation to discuss how I can can help you heal while writing and publishing your story. I am Latresa Rice, your Mindset Coach. See you at your Royal Meeting! #royalclarityview #bookwritingcoach #MindsetCoach #bookworm #bookwriting #indieauthors

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