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Screenshot Lane

Have you ever driven in the fast lane on the freeway? Why did you decide to take that route as opposed to using the local lanes? I remember the first time that I drove in the fast lane on the freeway. I was so nervous! People kept blowing their horns and driving around me. I was so focused on making sure I followed all the driver's training rules for hand positioning on the driver's wheel, obeying the speed limit etc. that I did not properly utilize the gift of the fast lane. Eventually, I realized that my fear of being in an accident or failing to do all the right things was causing me to put others at risk. What's the point of driving in the fast lane if you are not going to drive faster or use it to pass another vehicle? You should at least drive in the flow of traffic. According to Collin's dictionary, "On a highway, the fast lane is the part of the road where the vehicles that are traveling fastest go." Typically, the fast lane is the lane on the far left side of the road.

When writing your story, it can be beneficial to consider your social media memories as the fast lane to book development. People frequently use social to share real time memories of things that are taking place, things that have taken place and/or things that they desire to take place. Some of these memories include meals, smells, locations, pictures of loved ones etc. If you are going to use the Screenshot Lane method to begin writing your story, you will need to spend time reviewing your Facebook or Instagram pictures, memories etc. and then take a screenshot of key memories that you desire to place or discuss in your upcoming book. Email these screenshots to yourself, create a folder on your email account and place all of the emails with these screenshots in them. Be sure to label that folder the title of your book so that you can easily access these gems as you write your story. For my upcoming book titled "Hurt But Grateful", I used Screenshot Lane to help me capture key memories like the one that is posted above to use while writing my story. If you are trying to figure out how to start writing your story, know that you have already started writing your story. You were just unaware of it. Use Screenshot Lane to help you uncover what you already wrote. Your fully published book is closer than you realize. Stay on track and don't give up. Someone needs the story that only you can tell. It's time to embrace the royal you!

If you would like assistance using this method, schedule your free Royal Meeting today by clicking the "Book Now" button below. I am looking forward to assisting you. #royalclarityview #screenshots #writeyourstory #aspiringauthors

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