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X Marks the Spot

Do you remember playing mystery games as a kid? I loved them! They allowed me an opportunity to use my intellect, creative ability and problem solving skills to identify those who committed the crimes. For example, I would play the game "Clue" with my friends for hours without being bored. Like most board games, the name of the game gives you insight to what the main purpose or action that will be taking place throughout the game. The name highlights the theme. Just like the name of board games highlights the theme, the name of books highlights the theme or solution within the book that the main character wants to share with the reader. For example, when I was deciding which title I wanted to choose for my recent publication "Burning the Help", I thought about the main point that I wanted the reader to gain after reading this book. This book is written from the prospective of a member within a parent's support system: the babysitter. As the reader reads this book, I want the reader to know that some actions that seem minor start flames on the members of their support system. I wanted them to know that the reader has the power to extinguish those flames before they lose those who previously agreed to help them with their children. The more often these "minor flames" i.e. actions occur, the more intense the flames and the higher the chance of the reader burning their help i.e. their support system out entirely. This book identifies behaviors that burn your help and behaviors that extinguish the flames once they have started. The reason I chose a match is because I wanted to highlight the fact that people who originally were excited to babysit someone's child for them, do not "all of sudden" refuse to help that person. Typically, the babysitter experienced "minor flames" such as someone being late picking up their child, failing to provide adequate diapers etc. too frequently which caused harm to the babysitter. I've been told by several people that the book title made them want to purchase the book find out why someone would want to burn their help. Picking the right title for your book is similar to choosing a name for the board game. The only difference is that your title screams the phrase "X marks the spot" to your readers; leaving them with the responsibility of detailing the solution presented through the process of reading your story. According to Grammarist, "X marks the spot is a phrase that means this is the exact location, the thing that you are looking for may be found in this exact area." When it comes to choosing your title, "X marks the spot" means this is an aspect of the main message that I want you to get from reading this book. Uncover the entire message by reading the book. To determine the best title for your book, make sure you check the F.A.C.T.S. F.A.C.T.S. Focus on what is the message that the main character in your story wants the reader to gain from reading this book. Aim to summarize the solution or main message in 3-5 words. Construct and implement a plan to research the title that you chose. This will ensure that there aren't a lot of people who have published books using your same exact title. Take a moment to see this title as a movie, play, television series, on products etc. Is the title catchy enough to make you want to buy that product that has the name of your book on it? Solidify your decision and contact a graphic design artist with the ability to bring your thoughts together exceptionally well visually. A great book cover art draws people in and this will help people guess what the book may be about based on the title that you chose and graphics presented on the cover. Now that you know how to determine the best title for your book, What's the title of your story? I love to hear more about it. Schedule your FREE Royal Meeting today. Visit If you are interested in acquiring a copy of the book "Burning the Help," click the link below.

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