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“Don’t be stupid all your life. At some point, get a clue!” was a statement repeatedly given to Latresa Rice by her maternal grandmother as she accessed several “gates” throughout her childhood. Gates are points of access to lifestyles that one chooses to ascertain. Once the choice has been made, the person who selected the gate partakes of the life giving or self-destructive elements awaiting his or her arrival behind that gate. Some of the gates that Latresa chose to ascertain led to an increased possibility of her being murdered, committing murder or being incarcerated. Other gates led to educational success, restoration and prosperity. The statement, “Don’t be stupid all your life. At some point, get a clue,” became an internal self-check for Ms. Rice. To be stupid at any given point in time is to do the same things and expect or desire a different result. In this book, Ms. Rice discusses her moments of operating in stupidity by accessing self-destructive gates that led to a plethora of fights with relatives and peers within her community. She also discusses her moments of operating in wisdom by accessing life-giving gates as she used her writing, graphic design, problem solving and other skills as a launching pad to annihilate the barriers presented before her and was catapulted into a lifetime of victory. 

Considered an AIDS orphan by the world, Ms. Rice walks you through her life in an entertaining and invigorating manner. From learning how to effectively cope with emotional trauma as a result of unprotected sex, anger and other traumatic experiences, to being an entrepreneur and excelling academically, Ms. Rice provides her readers with a visual example of a barrier annihilator. She stands as a shining example of victory over emotional, socioeconomic, physical and familial barriers to success. Just as she chose the life that she desires to experience, so can you! Anyone who desires to push past the negative comments he/she has received from haters, emotional and financial barriers to success and much more must read this book! This book provides an example of how you can possess your dreams despite the obstacles that may be placed before you. Remember, there is a gate to life. By accessing it, you choose the life that you shall experience.

Gate to Life

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